Lack of drugs at clinic worries villagers


Villagers in Mzimba are worried over lack of basic necessities at a clinic that was built to improve safe motherhood.

Villagers in Mzimba worried over lack of basic necessities at this clinic.

Safe motherhood project is facing challenges at Kalweya Under five clinic in Mzimba as the clinic lacks basic necessities that can enable it to function properly.

It was hoped that the clinic which serves about 22 villages will alleviate many challenges the communities were facing.

However, the clinic lacks proper beds for patients and there is also shortage of drugs at the facility.
This has compromised greatly safe motherhood project in the area as people are forced to travel long distances to Manyamula health centre to acquire medication.

Lackson Makamo who is a group village headman in Kalweya said it is not only safe motherhood that has been heavily affected by various challenges the clinic is facing but also the issue of malnutrition.

“It is true that we are encountering various challenges like shortage of drugs and basic necessities like beds, this has greatly compromised the issue of safe motherhood and malnutrition to young children,” said GVH Makamo.

The traditional leader therefore called on government to look into the problems the area is facing and address them if the community is to help women on the issue of safe motherhood.
Speaking in an interview, Kefasi Chisi who is councillor for Manyamula ward said she is aware of the problems and she will present the issues to the district’s council.