JB says not afraid of being arrested


Former President Joyce Banda has said she is not afraid of being arrested over cashgate.

Speaking at a rally in Zomba on Sunday, Banda who was ruling Malawi when K24 billion of public funds was stolen said she was not involved in the massive looting and was also cleared by the Anti-Corruption Bureau.

Joyce Banda: I am not afraid.

“If they want, they should come and arrest me. But I am not wrong,” she said.

The former Malawi leader however said she wants to see people who steal from Malawians to be sent to to prison.

Police last year issued a warrant of arrest for Banda and last week the law enforcers confirmed that the warrant is still valid.

But since coming back from her four year self-imposed exile on Saturday, Banda has denied being shown the warrant of arrest.

“I have never received the warrant. I have just heard that they have that warrant of arrest for me,” Banda said.

She also claimed that interpol investigated her for months before clearing her of any wrongdoing.

On the various challenges people in Malawi are facing, Banda said the country is on fire and needs special prayers and healing



  1. There is case to answer for JB unless it’s political character assassin but it will backfire and Government compensate her huge, for that DPP government doesn’t care because money its not theirs. Politically they risk themselves because when found not guilty, DPP will be under sucuide mission.

  2. Ziko lamalawi ndi lovuti chifukwa cha inu ma presidend mmalo mothandiza anthu mmaba ndalama mayiko onse apadziko lapansi malawi ngosauka kwambili kambaka inu agalu inu

  3. This woman thief should stop her noise making – asatigonthe. There are so many issues relating to her abuse of funds: first there is the presidential jet money, second there is the depositing of Mudzi Transformation Funds into her account, third there …

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