Nigerian gospel artists discover gold in Malawi


Malawi is not called the warm heart of Africa for nothing in the view of top international musicians who come for performances having established a handsome fan base.

Next month, two top Nigerian gospel musicians will perform in the capital Lilongwe. Sinach of the Waymaker fame and Jimmy the Psalmist who is popular for his song called Mighty man of war, are set to perform in the country.

Sinach: coming to Malawi

The artists in question have gained popularity in Malawi in recent years. Praying sessions hardly reach the end without their music. Their popularity overflows to other African countries.

Jimmy will perform at the Bingu International Convention Centre (BICC) on 12th May. He will share the stage with the Great Angels Choir and Ethel Kamwendo Banda.

Sinach is set to perform at Civo Stadium on 26th May. The event is dubbed “Sinach Concert Food Stalls.” Malawi24 has learnt that the occasion will be a fusion of music and food.

However, some Malawians are still in doubt if Jimmy and Sinach will make the trips. Past experience can reveal that some music events involving international artists were cancelled at the eleventh hour due to poor organisation.


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  1. Who is organizing the Sinach show??Make a research and find out if the people who follow her music can attended a show at Civo Stadium??The best place for that show is BICC..Otherwise you will incur losses.That’s my free advice.

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