EU calls for accountability in project implementation

Jose Navarro

The European Union (EU) has asked implementers of projects to maintain accountability saying it is key to development of the country.

Jose Navarro
European Union Team Leader for Economic and Governance Jose Navarro.

The remarks were made by European Union Team Leader for Economic and Governance Jose Navarro during a national stakeholders’   forum to disseminate lessons and outcomes learned from a European Union project called Improved Local Governance and Community Action in Malawi which was implemented in Dowa, Zomba and Mulanje districts.

The project aimed at promoting good governance by empowering citizens of the country to be aware and have the power on the issues that affect them in their societies.

In his remarks, Navarro noted that most of the projects which are being implemented in the country lack various aspects such as monitoring and evaluation.

Commenting on the same issue, Malawi Economic Justice Network Executive Director Dalitso Kubalasa commended the European Union for the funds and commitment towards the project.

Kubalasa said people have been imparted with knowledge and are aware that development projects are for everyone, both in rural and urban areas.

He also said that due to the project, the issue of discrimination has been reduced since various people including persons with disability and women were involved.

On his part, Zomba District Council Chairperson Chikumbutso Likangawe said the project has enhanced the relationship among councillors, Members of Parliament and citizens at local government level.

The two year project which was implemented by MEJN and Public Affairs Committee (PAC) with funding from European Union and Trocaire started in 2016 and will end on 30 April 2018.