Depeco says ready to rule Malawi


One of the political parties in the country Democratic People’s Congress (Depeco) has said it is ready to govern Malawi after the 2019 elections.

The party’s Publicity Secretary Ernest Maganga made the remarks in an interview with the local media.

Depeco confident to win 2019 elections alone.

He said his party is more than ready to bring new governance in 2019 to fulfil Malawians’ wishes.

Maganga went on to say that Malawians have been looking for new faces in the political arena and Depeco – whose interim leader is Chris Daza – is the party which they should choose during the elections.

Maganga said Depeco being a party that focuses on youth is looking to turn the tables in next year’s tripartite elections.

He added that the party will not go into an alliance with another party.

“As a party we are confident to go to it alone and we don’t have intentions of joining an alliance with any other party,” he explained.

On conflicts in the party, Maganga said they have had no wrangles as peace is prevailing within the party.

Depeco is expected to hold a convention in June.


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