We have proof of planned violent acts at Friday demos – Police

Malawi public protests

The Malawi Police Service (MPS) has said there are people planning to engage in criminal acts during the 27 April demonstrations.

In a press statement on Monday signed by National Spokesperson James Kadadzera, the police say they have collected credible intelligence that some unpatriotic Malawians are planning to carry out criminal acts during the demonstrations by disguising themselves as demonstrators.

Malawi public protests
Police say some unpatriotic Malawians are planning to carry out criminal acts during the demonstrations. (Library)

The Police have warned such people that they will be dealt with.

In the statement, the MPS acknowledges that the constitution of the country gives every Malawian the right to assemble and demonstrate.

“Every citizen participating in the demonstrations is required, by law, to desist from destruction of property, causing injury to people, unnecessary obstruction of traffic, acts of hooliganism and use of words that propagate hatred against a group of people,” Kadadzera explained.

The police have since assured Malawians that they will tighten security during the day and Malawians will be safe.

Meanwhile, the police have urged the media to use their code of ethics when covering the protests as advocated by oversight bodies such as MISA Malawi and Media Council of Malawi.

“It is the expectation of MPS that the media houses will refrain from sensational coverage of the April 27 demonstrations to avoid inciting masses to commit acts of violence,” says the statement.



  1. Police ilibe intelligence ngati ilinayo bwanji osayigwirisa ntchito kwa mbava zili mbomazi kuzimanga before zitaba ndalama za nsonkho wathu. Tetezani Malawi osati kuteteza m’bava za Peter ndi anzake. Kodi makolo anji obela ana awo chuma? Ndalamazi mukaba muzipita nazo kuti. Tiyeni titukule Malawi wathu. Tikukhala ngati alendo mudziko lathu lomwe pokulibela. Bola anthu amapita mayiko akutali kukaba kumabweresa ndalamazo kuzatukula nazo dziko lathu osati mbava zokuba pakhomo.

  2. A Police mwayambanso kunama. Which intel? If your intelligence was that good then you’d have picked up that the country’s security is under attack with all these corrupt political leaders who leave the country broke and helpless. There won’t be a country once these looters have finished with it in May 2019. Now that would be intelligence.

  3. Malawi Police please arrest those that have committed massive fraud and crime within the ruling party instead of threatening those that “may” commit crime. Billions upon billions have been looted by individuals we all know with available audit trail……go and do your job there.

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