Phalombe sports office pleads for sponsors


The District Sports Office (DSO) in Phalombe has asked people to sponsor sporting activities in the district.

Phalombe district sports officer Edward Malumero said this after a volleyball tournament organised by his office over the weekend.

Volleyball needs support in Phalombe.

He said the DSO will sponsor the tournament next year but that will be the last organised by his office.

“As you know we started this sometime back, it has shown that this district can do better in volleyball.

“But as an office, next year’s tournament will be the last and I am asking others to come in and support the sport,” said Malumero.

Phalombe district sports office organizes the tournament annually with the aim of promoting the sport in the district.

Mulomba Volleyball Club won this year’s Phalombe volleyball championship after winning all their games during the tournament.

This year four teams namely; Migowi, Phalombe, Mulomba and Mpasa registered to take part in the competition. However Mpasa failed to show up on the day.

The tournament was played in a round robin format which saw Mulomba winning all its two matches after beating Migowi and Phalombe 2-0 and 2-1 respectively. Phalombe won 2-1 against Migowi who won none.

Joseph Saladi who is a head coach for Mulomba praised his boys for a good performance saying moving from position four last year to first this year shows that they were serious.

“I am very happy with what my boys most of whom are teenagers have done today, moving from number four to the first isn’t a joke.

“We are looking forward to defending it next year and we see that there is no any team which can grab this from us,” he said.

Sckener Gwaza who is vice general secretary for Southern Region Volleyball League said he was not expecting an impressive performance by teams from Phalombe.

“At regional level we weren’t aware that in Phalombe you can find such performance. There’s is future for volleyball here.

“I am just asking the teams to include more teens in their teams so that they should learn more tactics and hold these teams in the coming years,” said Gwaza who was a referee at the tournament.