Parents advised against withdrawing abuse cases

Mary Kachale

Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP) has condemned parents who withdraw sexual abuse or domestic violence cases.

Speaking to local media, the DPP Mary Kachale said the tendency is increasing the number of abuse cases against children, girls and women.

Mary Kachale
Director of Public Prosecutions,Mary Kachale.

She said cases of sexual abuse are criminal in nature and once reported prosecution is supposed to be the next move.

Kachale advised investigators and prosecutors to use their skills and the law when handling such cases.

She explained that sexual abuses cases are not civil cases where complainants choose to withdraw the case whenever they feel like.

She therefore asked investigators and prosecutors to continue handling child abuse and gender based violence cases even when the complainants choose to withdraw the cases.

She said although abuse cases are difficult cases to handle, investigators are supposed to stand on their feet and move on with the cases proceedings.

The DPP also observed that women continue to hide domestic violence occurring in their households.

“When a woman is facing abuse of any sort, the matter should be reported to police. No longer should we say violence is a family matter,” she said.