Youths urged to be leaders

Juliana needs to retain her seat.

At a time that the young vs old divide in leadership is a key issue in Malawi politics, Dedza East parliamentarian Juliana Lunguzi has challenged the youths in Malawi to go for leadership positions.

Lunguzi urged the youths in Malawi to claim leadership space that has been occupied by people who are aged.

Lunguzi has urged youths to go for leadership positions.

Speaking to Catholic youths in Mwanza district on Sunday, Lunguzi said the youths must fight to become the country’s leaders.

“No one can give you leadership positions, you need to claim your space in leadership and it starts now,” said Lunguzi who is a member of the Malawi Congress Party.

Concurring with Lunguzi, Archbishop of Blantyre archdiocese Thomas Luke Msusa advised young people to use their skills to bring change to Malawi.

Msusa disclosed that Malawi’s leadership can be changed once the youths take voting powers seriously.

The archbishop added that the youths must restrain from being used by politicians.


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  1. Kkkkkk madam MP thats is what is supposed to be, but beware the vipers are.there to shield the aged blood for their own benefit! Ask Goodal Gondwe if he wnts to go back home to rest, he will tell you no im still young. Look at our own president, he cant be a partliot just to hand over to the flesh blood but claims he is still young. So how can the youth take chance to lead if there are no room? It is very hard.

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