Kasungu municipal angers learners


Angry students from Chankhanga Primary School in Kasungu this morning stormed the district’s municipal offices in protest against the council’s decision to sell a football ground that belong to the school.

Reports show that the students expressed their anger by throwing stones on property belonging to the council.

Students protesting in Kasungu

Among the property that has been destroyed by the students include vehicles and windows at the council’s office.

Meanwhile authorities are yet to comment on the matter.

However, some information indicates that it is the school management along with school committee that were behind the land sale.

It is said that top managers such as the District Education Manager (DEM), the chief executive officer of the Municipal and other council officials were not any aware of the move to sell the said land.

Among other things, pupils at the school were banned from using the pitch on any of their activities as reports say the Chinese investors are on the verge of starting a project on the land.