Gwamba, Suffix continue to clash on style


Malawi hip hop gospel is blessed with two talented artists Gwamba and Suffix. It is believed they are two sides of the same coin owing to their common artistic features.

There is no information as regards to who pioneered the style of delivery which the two giants identify with. People argue in favour of their favourite when they face the question of who is the father of the touch.


Some say Gwamba is the one who introduced the style while others argue that Suffix is the one only that he followed his counterpart in as far as fame is concerned. When all is said and done the two rappers remain twins.

In as much as there is nothing wrong with two top musicians clashing on style of delivery, versatility matters in the music game for it leads to artists’ growth. Musicians are also respected for uniqueness.

In Malawi it is now a trend that creative lyricists inject figures of speech called puns in their works. This is very typical of Gwamba and Suffix. Being musicians that are synonymous with vernacular language, it gives one a headache to differentiate the two.

One may argue that their voices sound different and that Gwamba tries to divert to different genres. Another one may also argue that Suffix is also versatile as evidenced by his track entitled Cholinga in which he did some singing.

Although the arguments sound true, it must be noted that the rappers in question return to their old roots after recording something different. Is it an issue of language that gives them almost the same music features?

Using the same language as a vehicle for transferring ideas cannot make musicians inseparable. Malawi has many top rappers such as Young Kay, Fredokiss and David Kalilani who deliver in Chichewa but they sound unique.

The question remains, who pioneered the style, Gwamba or Suffix?



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