PAC urges Malawians to take to the streets


The Public Affairs Committee (PAC) has urged Malawians to take to the streets and exercise their rights on 27 April.

The demonstrations have been organised by Civil Society Organisations (CSOs).

Rev. Felix Chingota
PAC Chairperson Reverend Felix Chingota

During a press briefing in Lilongwe today, the quasi-religious organisation encouraged Malawians to peacefully demonstrate to ensure that the country continues to enjoy peace and unity while advocating for transformational leadership.

PAC Chairperson Reverend Felix Chingota said Malawians are supposed to put to task their leaders including Members of Parliament and public demonstrations are one of the ways of showing citizens’ power.

He said members from the organisation are supporting the protests after noting that issues of failure to implement electoral reforms and rampant corruption are affecting transformation of livelihoods of people in the country.

“Lack of transparency and accountability on the issue of K4 billion and general lack of direction of our nation remain a serious cause of concern,” he said.

On his part, PAC Publicity Secretary Peter Mulomole said every Malawian has a right to participate in the forthcoming demonstrations.

Mulomole added that the issues to be raised during the demonstrations are in the basket that PAC has been advocating for.

“PAC is in solidarity with the CSOs’ decision to hold the demonstrations to ensure that government stops abusing its powers,” he said.



  1. Don’t forget to add this story=Catholic priests fueling albinos killings in Malawi, please say no to Catholic religion to save albinos. And say no to Catholics too.

  2. Useless bunch of opportunists. Ma alubino akuphedwa mwankhanza inu muliphee koma ndale. Pano ndiye Mulungu akukuyalusani abusa onyenga inu

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