Inkosi Mzukuzuku installed

Inkosi Mzukuzuku

Chanthina Jere has been installed as Inkosi Mzukuzuku of Mzimba, 18 years after the death of the previous chief.

Since the death of the previous Inkosi Mzukuzuku, Newton Isaac Jere in 2000, family members of the late chief were failing to agree on the right person to be installed. This led to the delayed installation of the chief.

Inkosi Mzukuzuku
Nankhumwa installing Inkosi Mzukuzuku.

Speaking on Tuesday during the installation ceremony in Mzimba, Minister of Local Government Kondwani Nankhumwa said government is happy to finally have a chief in the area.

He noted that the delay was affecting development projects in the area.

“Let me ask all royal families in Malawi that if there are some disagreements, let’s resolve them fairly without fighting or taking the case to court because it delays development in the area,” said Nankhumwa.

He then advised the newly installed chief to work with government just as other traditional leaders do.

Politicians such as leader of opposition Lazarus Chakwela and former Vice President Hon Dr Khumbo Kachali attended the event.




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