Ex-Botswana president advises African leaders against clinging to power

ian Khama

Former president of Botswana Ian Khama has advised African leaders against outstaying their welcome following a growing concern over some presidents amending constitutions to extend their time in power.

Khama resigned on 31st March, a year before expiry of his tenure of office. His move has been described as exemplary taking into account the fact that some African leaders are reluctant to leave office when their time is up.

ian Khama
Former president of Botswana Ian Khama

Speaking to the BBC on Monday, Khama emphasized on the importance of giving way to new leadership when presidency time reaches a comma.

“I would like to advise all my former colleagues who may feel hesitant about wanting to leave office that there is nothing to be worried about. They should move aside and give others an opportunity to do the same,” said Khama

The former commander of the Botswana Defence Force willingly left office, contrary to the state of affairs in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC). That country`s leader Joseph Kabila has been refusing to step down since his term came to an end in 2016.

Some quarters argue that African leaders want to remain in power for different selfish reasons ranging from fear of prosecution to self-enrichment. This is despite their daily preaching on respecting democratic values.



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