Catholic Church suspends priest over murder of person with albinism

Reverend Father Muhosha

The Roman Catholic Church in Malawi has suspended a priest who was arrested yesterday in connection with the murder of a person with albinism.

The priest Thomas Muhosha is suspected to have played a role in the killing of 22-year-old Macdonald Masambuka – a person with albinism who was found dead weeks after he went missing in Machinga.

Reverend Father Muhosha
Muhosha: Suspended

In a statement today signed by Zomba Diocese Bishop George Tambala, the Catholic Church has condemned the barbaric act and has expressed shock over the arrest of one its priests.

The Catholic Church observes in the statement that it has overtime condemned the attacks on people with albinism and defended the sanctity of life at any point of a person’s life.

The church says laws of the Catholic Church are clear hence it has suspended Muhosha from priesthood awaiting conclusion of the case.

“Upon the conclusion of the matter by a competent court of law, due Church processes will follow according to the prescriptions of Canon Law,” the church says.

Meanwhile, the Roman Catholic Church says it will cooperate with the police in their investigations to see that truth and justice for the victims is established in this case.



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