Cattle theft on the rise in Mzimba


Cattle theft is on the rise in Mzimba and community members have expressed concern over the situation stressing that there is need for tight security.

Currently, a day cannot pass by without hearing the news of cattle theft.

Malawi CattleThe situation has left many fuming and helpless as those rearing these animals are forced to sell for fear of losing their cattle.

In recent months, chiefs in the district committed themselves to containing the situation but the theft cases continue to increase.

This scenario has put lives of people who consume beef at a great risk of contracting animal diseases as the cattle is not tested to identify if the animal qualifies to be slaughtered for meat production.

In connection to the news, community members at Chasato in Mzimba burnt a Toyota saloon which was carrying beef suspected to have been from a stolen cattle.

Mzimba police station managed to arrest the driver whom upon being questioned revealed that he was hired by unknown men who ran away.

Police public relations officer for Mzimba confirmed that as police they have indeed received several complaints of cattle theft in the district.

Botha promised that the police will bring the perpetrators of this evil practice to book so as justice can prevail.

Mzimba is largely dominated by Ngoni people who rear livestock such as cattle and goats.



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  1. uyu wa sangika wikanipo mbavi naonga chomene awo wali kuotcha galimoto iyo wapolisi wa ku chedwa tiyeni tiwa vwire temani waka awo

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