Breaking: DPP Vice Presidents endorse Mutharika for 2019 polls

Peter Mutharika

Top brass of Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) has endorsed President Peter Mutharika as torch bearer for the party in the 2019 polls, effectively breaking rank from Director of Youth Lewis Ngalande and former first lady Callista Mutharika.

Peter Mutharika
DPP has endorsed Mutharika for 2019 polls

In a press briefing happening in Lilongwe, three Vice Presidents of the party flanked by Spokesperson Nicolas Dausi and Regional governors have highlighted that as a party they are fully behind the candidacy of Peter Mutharika for the 2019 polls.

At the meeting, Heatherwick Ntaba, George Chaponda and Nicolas Dausi have all thrown their weight behind Mutharika.

As this is news happening, Malawi24 will keep you updated.



  1. Nkhalamba za chimuna zokhazokha. Kodi mulibe achinyamata ndi amai??

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  3. A chaponda akuwopa kuzamangidwa ngati chilima angazakhale president

  4. But the supporters wants Chilima as President. Listen to the top brass or do what the voters want, Why fielding a grandfather. Let him retire peacefully and respectful. Malawians wants DPP but they have the right to say what they want. Do not be arrogant. Let the convention speak. Am not a partisan as usual but a Citizen.

  5. Koma mabuledi si abwino. Mayi mwasintha mumanena dzija? Kkkkkkkkkkk umphawi siwabwino ndaonera apa

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