No more grandpas for Malawi Presidency: MP to move motion on age limit for Presidents

Juliana needs to retain her seat.

Dedza East lawmaker Juliana Lunguzi has said she is considering to propose an amendment to the constitution which will introduce age limit for president and other public offices.

The Member of Parliament revealed her intentions in a tweet on Sunday.

Lunguzi says she wants to move a motion to amend the Constitution on age limit.

Currently Malawi does not have age limit for people aspiring to become Member of Parliament or President.

Recently, there have been concerns that old people are the ones entrusted with leading a country that has more young people.

Lunguzi said she wants to propose the amendment so that there is an age limit for positions such as president and even cabinet minister.

“Am looking for motions at the upcoming sitting of Parliament. Let me move a motion to amend our Constitution on age limit for those in Public offices including the President…and of course finance ministers. Then our debate will be continued.” Lunguzi tweeted.

Malawi’s current president Peter Mutharika is 77 but he is expected to seek re-election in 2019 when he will be 78.

Currently, there are calls for Mutharika to retire at the end of his first term and allow 45 year old vice president Saulos Chilima contest as the ruling Democratic Progressive Party’s candidate in next year’s elections.

Lunguzi’s choice of finance minister as a position that will be targeted by her proposal is also interesting considering that the current Minister of Finance Goodall Gondwe is aged 81.



  1. What an intelligent idea to have age restrictions on the presidency position! At least that would minimise the chances of people rulling this nation for 10yrs: as it is always the case that we vote for the elderly maybe on the grounds that they usually forget easily and their forgetfullness maybe grants us freedom to lie to them we would want.

  2. That’s why Malawi can not develope, because we are always being ruled by the aged. How can an aged president develope the nation?

  3. You do not have to call her a bitch that is out of order…if you have nothing to contribute better stay quiet.

  4. Not only President and Cabinet Ministers,MPs too,,we see a lot of MPs sleeping during parliamentary debates due to old age.

  5. That’s good idea & that must be across the board MPs included not only President & Cabinet Ministers. All across the board.

  6. I salute you Juliana. Permission granted. Move the motion.

  7. Palibe amene akamusapote ku parliamentiko chifukwa mamembala ambiri a nyumba yamalamulo ndi nkhalamba. waste of time and taxi payers money bitch!

  8. Go on mama,that is a great move, zimandidabwitsa kuti kodi mchifukwa chani ogwira ntchito m’boma aliyense amati akakula amapasidwa pension kuti basi akapume, en zaka zake nkumakhalanso ma fourty or fifty.
    Koma nkhalamba zina za ma seventy kapena eighty chakuti years ,zikadagwirabe ntchito ya unduna,u Mp, ndi u president why?? Amene amapanga malamulo amenewa anaganiza bwanji? Chifukwa chani malamulowa anakondera anthu andale kuti azigwira ntchito mene angafunile kaya Ali ndi 100 years, aaaaaasaaaaa tili pambuyo panu amama, nafe achinyamata tipezeko ntchito apa

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