Chanco facing closure


The ongoing strike by Chancellor College support staff has sparked a wave of fear among students that the institution could be closed.

The support staff marked the genesis of the industrial action on Monday in demand for salary increment. They are demanding a 12 percent payment hike in arrears.

Fear of closure grips Chanco.

With only two weeks to go before students sit for their end of year exams, an atmosphere of fear has engulfed the college. Students can smell closure of their school as was the case in 2015 when the support staff also laid down their tools.

They believe there will be a repetition of events, in all likelihood. They attribute their worries to the institution’s failure to honour the striking party’s demands when they were issuing warnings.

Sketchy information relating to the issue reveals that a period of close to a year has elapsed since the 12 percent in question was put on paper. In this case, the bone of contention is immediate implementation of the hike.

Students deem the development sad as it is going to delay their progress. This semester is supposed to be concluded on 18th May, should the college resume normal operations sooner than later.

The strike has led to closure of the library which is probably one of the most important facilities on campus. It is widely believed that if the institution will not be closed, the calendar may be extended.




  1. Closure? U got to be serious guys when writing your articles… There is no fear that we can go home my dear bro, those are just rumors…

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