Teachers boycott training over poor conditions

Lilongwe girls

Teachers have boycotted training on science subjects in Lilongwe because of low quality food and lack of stationery at the training centre.

The training which started on Monday is being held at Lilongwe Girls Secondary School in the capital city and is aimed at strengthening teaching of Mathematics and science subjects in secondary schools.

Lilongwe girls
Teachers at the training centre.

One of the teachers attending the training Felix Mlowoka told Malawi24 that many teachers left the training centre due to the issues.

“Teachers at the centre are very angry. They have been waiting in the hall to be addressed by officials from the Division,” Mlowoka told Malawi24

He added that the Ministry of Education told the teachers that it has no money to buy stationery and provide good food.

“We have been told that there is no money but we wonder why they organised it. They promise each and every year that things will change.

“It seems the organisers misuse the funds. They take us for granted, this has demotivated us. Even the allowances are too small but we still to go since we don’t have any benefits except salary,” he said.