Kabwila robbed of K1.9m worth of items


Criminals on Friday robbed Salima North Member of Parliament (MP) Jessie Kabwila of various items valued at K1.9 million.

Kanengo police spokesperson Laban Makalani said the MP was robbed of the items on Friday at Area 25A near Sungwi Market in Lilongwe.

Jessie Kabwila

Kabwila robbed

The criminals broke into Kabwila’s Toyota Hilux which was parked outside a house where she was attending a meeting.

“The MP discovered about the incident when she was about to drive off soon after the meeting.
“The criminals managed to gain entry into the vehicle through the driver’s door after they had tampered with its electronic locking system using an unidentified object,” Makalani said.

He added that some of the items stolen during the incident include: a laptop, a cellphone, a diplomatic passport, a cheque book and other bank documents, ATM cards and some foreign currencies. The items are valued at 1.9 million Malawi Kwacha.

“Following the incident, the MP lodged a complaint at Kanengo Police Station where officers opened a case of theft under section 278 of the penal code against unknown criminals,” Makalani said.

The case is currently being investigated and the police are appealing to persons who may have information to come forward.

Kanengo police is also advising members of the general public to avoid keeping personal items such as laptops and cellphones in motor vehicles which have been parked along the streets and outside shops or buildings.