Blessings Tembo rejoins Silver Strikers


Just hours after terminating what he calls a ‘controversial contract with Be Forward Wanderers’, Blessings Tembo has rejoined his former club Silver Strikers with immediate effect.

Blessings Tembo

Tembo: has returned to Silver

On Tuesday morning, Tembo terminated his contract with the Nomads following the team’s failure to honor the agreement which the two parties agreed before signing on the dotted line in January this year.

Now, just hours after leaving Wanderers, Tembo has announced that he has returned to Area 47.

“I refer to the above captioned matter and wish to advise you that I am now a free agent after terminating my controversial contract with Be Forward Wanderers Football Club effective 9th April 2018. In line with football rules and regulations, I am at liberty to join any team of my choice.

“It is against this background that I write to notify you that I have decided to return to the team which I have served for close to 10 years and it is the same team which has made me what I am today.

“I regret for any inconvenience I might have caused as a result of my controversial transfer. I have come to learn that in life to err is human hence we all make mistakes along the journey of life.

“Be assured of my total commitment and dedication for this prestigious club,” reads the statement signed by Tembo on Tuesday afternoon.

FIFA article 14 provides for the unilateral termination of the contract with ‘just cause’ provided the party opting out has valid reasons.

Article 14 states:

“A contract may be terminated by either party without consequences of any kind (either payment of compensation or imposition of sporting sanctions) where there is just cause.

“Even though there is no standard definition of ‘just cause’, the application of such principles will rely on the merits and circumstances of a case, for instance a football player who has gone without pay for three months has ‘just a cause’ to terminate his/her contract.

“However, should the violation persist for a long time or should many violations be cumulated over a certain period of time, then it is most probable that the breach of contract has reached such a level that the party suffering the breach is entitled to terminate the contract unilaterally.” reads article 14.

Meanwhile, Wanderers officials are yet to respond to the latest development.

Tembo joined Wanderers in January as a free agent after he was promised to receive K4.5 million signing on fee and a monthly salary of K400 000 after turning down Silver’s offer of a K3.5 million signing on fee and K300 000 monthly salary.



  1. Im a nomads supporter but would like to commend Blessings Tembo for the wise decision, wanderers was not befitting you.

  2. Welcome back mr tembo! kwanu mkwanu,ndpo kwa eni sukula! kwathu(bankers family) umayamba game pamene uko bench every game.apa waganiza ngati wamkulu kusiyana ndi muja udachita phuma.Silver,my team,my choice,supported by wise people!

  3. Si chitsilu koma akuluaku amanoma akudabwitsa kwambiri muzochitika zawo. Atenga bwanji mapuleya ambirimbiri ndikungowasunga mnkhokwe ngati mtedza.

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