Shammah Vocals earn Malawi24 song of the week honour

Shammah Vocals

Blantyre based gospel music sensation Shammah Vocals is this week`s winner in our song of the week recognition, but which of his tracks has earned him the award?

Having analyzed trending music on the local scene, this publication deemed the lad a befitting winner for this week. He has been all over social media with people posting his music in the company of interesting captions.

Shammah Vocals
Shammah: reaps from daily.

Daily (Song of Solomon) is the track! The tune is a fusion of gospel and romantic love. A soft Afro Pop rhythm that rains nothing but sweet vibes from the year to the heart.

The song is all about unconditional romantic love on daily basis under the guidance of God. The fruits of that love should be God fearing children like the family is.

“Daily kuyamikirana/daily kupemphelerana/­zikavuta ndikumamvesetsana/­daily (appreciating each other, praying for each other`s wellbeing and mutual understanding when things go wrong, on daily basis),” sounds part of the song

Shammah finds a way of accommodating the elderly community in the tune as he sings, “olo ngakhale utakalamba/­ndizizati ndikakuyang`ana/­ndizizakhoza kumwetulira/ (when we grow old, I will still smile upon seeing you).

The gospel singer follows in the footsteps of Lulu who won the maiden episode of Malawi24`s song of the week for his beauty, Sendera.