Mutharika is hoodwinking Malawians – Nkhoma Synod

Peter Mutharika

The Nkhoma Synod of the CCCAP has accused President Peter Mutharika of hoodwinking Malawians to cover up his government’s failures.

Mutharika: accused of fooling Malawians

According to the Synod, Mutharika has been laying foundation stones for assorted projects without any noticeable progress in order to fool Malawians.

The synod has said this in an Easter message released on Sunday titled Remaining Salt and Light in the Evil and Crooked World. The statement has been signed by Synod Moderator Bizwick Nkhoma.

The Synod in the letter also notes that Malawi is lacking selfless political leaders who have the interests of people at heart as many politicians have failed to demonstrate leadership values that can please God.

The church says this was evidenced in Parliament when the Electoral Reforms Bills were rejected by some Members of Parliament.

“We noted with great concern that some of our members reduced themselves to become instruments used to jeopardise the enactment of some crucial bills in parliament that could have benefited Malawians,” says the letter.

The church in the letter has also condemned nepotism and other issues which are not being resolved and are derailing development in the country.

“Cashgate and plundering of public resources continue unabated; uncontrolled misuse and abuse of state enterprises like ESCOM, MBC, and ADMARC; and persistent power outage,” says the church.

The Lazarus Chakwera led opposition has also not been spared as the church has noted that opposition parties have compromised their integrity.

The church has cited the way opposition parties handled the issue of the K4 billion which was initially allocated to 86 Members of Parliament as an example of the opposition failing to do its job.

Nkhoma Synod has since urged its members who are political leaders to play their legitimate role in National Assembly of ensuring that public finances are properly used and accounted for.


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