DPP should not ignore Callista – Analyst


One of the political analysts in the country has said the ruling Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) should take seriously Callista Mutharika’s suggestion that Vice President Saulos Chilima should represent the party in 2019.

The political analyst Wonderful MKhutche was reacting to Callista’s remarks that President Peter Mutharika should give a chance to Chilima.

Mkhutche: DPP should not treat Callista’s remarks with hostility.

Mkhutche said DPP should not treat Callista’s remarks with hostility adding that the party will gain by pondering on them and it will lose a lot by ignoring them.

According to Mkhutche, Callista’s suggestion may save the party and bring its foundation for the future.

He said Mutharika is old and it can be good for the party to let young people lead the party hence going for Chilima will be an important strategy for the party both in 2019 and the future.

“Started by an aged late President Bingu wa Mutharika and then taken by his ageing young brother President Peter Mutharika, the party has to rebrand itself so that it appeals to the youth who form the largest voting age group in Malawi.

“There is no any other better choice than Vice President Chilima if DPP wants to plan for the future. The Vice President is of young age and has in a number of ways proven himself to be an intelligent and a hands-on leader,” Mkhutche told Malawi24.

On how DPP has reacted to Callista’s remarks, Mkhutche said the issue of Chilima being the DPP candidate in the 2019 elections would still have been raised by other members of the party if Callista had not said it.

“The party has had a cosmetic unity because of the leadership question. Callista herself says it is her own personal opinion. We need to believe what we have heard from the horses’ mouth.

“Other things being said are mere allegations and do not stand. Callista said that as a member of the party and a citizen. DPP should be not alarmed. It is a party built on democratic principles and if it lives to its claims, there is no way it can handle Callista’s remarks with hostility,” Mkhutche said.

According to Mkhutche, if DPP goes for President Mutharika in 2019, it will still have high chances to win the elections but the party will have lost a great opportunity of creating a sustainable future for itself.

“And even more than that, President Peter Mutharika will leave a huge power vacuum and presence which may take years to be filled,” he said.



  1. Izi sizoona kodi malamulo adziko amati chani pakusintha nsogoleri peter akuyenera kupitiliza ngati second term yake angawine koma sizoti asinthe nsogoleri ndimthawi yake kukonza pano uku ndikufuna kugwesa chipani cha DPP mwanjovu mphechempheche sapitamo kawiri

  2. I Kanyimbi a citizen without fear or favour also support the I dea of Chilima to be the next DPP presidential Candidate. Please DPP take this seriously.

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