Tay Grin accused of sexism

Tay Grin
Tay Grin under fire.

Tay Grin has drawn the wrath of women and activists over his comments that Malawian women are not romantic and hardly compliment men.

Commenting on the musicians remarks, Malawians have called on the artist to apologise.

“He is a sexist. He cannot group all women into one box of being unromantic. He should apologise with immediate effect,” a young lady who identified herself as Jen Chirwa told this publication.

Other men also descended on Tay Grin for his misogynistic opinion.
Writing on our Facebook, Widson Manda, said: “His problem is #generalizing! Has he tried them all? Or maybe he is just talking about his ex’s. Someone must call him to order.”

“This is an insult to true African Malawian ladies,” commented Severiano Phiri on the story.
While Loyd Mphande hit back at the Nyau King: “Including his mother I guess”.

Tay Grin, who previously worked with the UK High Commission in Malawi to promote girls’ education, posted on Instagram that Malawian girls will never tell you that you are handsome”.
He also jokingly observed that Malawian girls like to form opinions about a man based on his looks.



  1. For what mukamati kupepesa ayambe ndiazimaiowo pakuti nawoso amanena azibambo Kuti ndife agalu anayesa onset ,this is just politics ,walakwitsa Chani Kuti azipepesa nyau king Palibe zimenezo wakuuzani chulungamo plus midala mukuika kubuyo mabebi Maso mwano ndi chabe antchafu zikomola mukuona ngati muufila ulele no way wanena chulungamo……


  3. Telling aguy his handsome does not mean amakukondani all that matters is love….Malawian women are well behaved osati omwe timaona mumanjambulisa nao mumavideo anu akujao osavala…he must apologise he has no respect…and wayiwala he comes from amalawian woman

  4. It’s his opinion. Why should he apologise? Feminism is cancer.

  5. He is not very far from the truth, you will only believe that if you’ve been to other countries and inter acted with gals there and gals from here.

  6. Ao anali maganizo a Ty grin mmene amaonera,koma kwa ife Amalawi malingana ndi chikhalidwe Chathu Akadzi akumalawi amatha chikondi,if some one is saying you are hundsome some they rely mean it some they just want u to feel better.

  7. Chifukwa chopepesera chikanapezeka akanatchula dzina la mai anu.
    Tisayalutse azimai mu dzina la ufulu wakayankhulidwe

  8. Ty gri akunena zoona , mkazi wapa Malawi saziwadi chikondi.
    Chimene amaziwa akazi ambiri mukakhala pa chibwezi ndi ndalama basi osati chikondi. Ndiochepa amene amata kuchengetela mwamuna komaso kumuuza kuti he is handsome.
    Kuli ufulu masiku ano akayankhulidwe, palibe chifukwa chopepesera apa.

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