Support sought for needy Poly student

An appeal for support has been issued for a Polytechnic student who is struggling due to lack of money for food, accommodation and tuition.

Damison Jame
Jame: seeking support

The student Damison Jame sleeps outside the college’s hostels together with security guards.

The 24 year old, who is studying Geological Engineering and went to the college on March 25, missed out on a grant from the Higher Educations Loans Board.

His plight was highlighted by an article in the local media in which he pleaded for support for accommodation and food in order to study with ease.

“Life is becoming unbearable. I am spending many nights with security guards and money for food is also a big problem,” Jame said.

Economist Henry Kachaje said he visited the college where he was told that there are many students who are in need of help.

He said well-wishers who want to support students at The Polytechnic can provide their support through the Polytechnic Alumni Association.

Several Malawians on social media have pledged to support the student and other students facing similar challenges.

In comments, on social media, people have pledged to adopt needy students while others have promised to provide money every month to selected students.

Posting on Facebook, social commentator Onjezani Kenani noted that a more coordinated approach is needed for the help to be more effective.

Kenani also observed that the root cause of such situations is that the college admits more students compared to the resources that it has.

“At The Polytechnic, 1,750 first year students have reported this year alone. However, the total number of rooms/bed space available is 1,213. This means even if all beds were to be allocated to first year students alone, there would be more than 500 first year students without space to sleep,” he said.