Young politician vows to change constituency

Shaban Kadango

A 26-year-old politician who is aspiring to become Member of Parliament (MP) for Machinga East constituency has vowed to develop the area.

The young politician Jannah Shaban told Malawi24 that he decided to join politics because his constituency has been underdeveloped for a long time and he want to turn things around.

Shaban Kadango
Shaban : I want to develop my area.

According to Shaban , once elected into the August House he will table issues about Machinga East constituency to make it a better place for citizens.

“Our area lacks various things like good network, safe water, and electricity among others. We have been having MPs but I think they are not reaching what we need.

“I will be presenting such shortfalls in Parliament so that people at Machinga East should start trusting in young people like me. I am young but my brain has various approaches to make Machinga East great,” Shaban said.

He also told Malawi24 that he will be asking the constituents to be analysing his achievements and failures.

“The problem with a lot of politicians is that they just want voters when they need to be voted into power and once that is done, they vanish. I will be different since I know what people of Machinga East need.

“I have grown up here and this is my home until I will die. If they may put their trust in me, I will be their MP throughout by engaging them on my activities not just to rob their attention during elections time,” Shaban said.

Kadango will contest under the ticket of Democratic People’s Congress (Depeco) which is led by Chris Daza.

He said he joined the party because of its youthful and trustworthy leadership and because it is the only political party that believes that young people also have the ability to rule this country.

“In short Depeco has come to drive out the concept of young people being leaders of tomorrow,” he said.

Shabano then challenged young people in the country to contest for leadership positions.

“My message to all young people who are aspiring to join politics is that they shouldn’t get discouraged by any one, they have to go on with their dreams. One scholar said ‘One can win or fail if they try’,” Kadango told Malawi24.

He also urged Malawians to vote for young people saying old politicians have already been tried.



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  1. You have my support young man. Tge yiuth are the only hope that Malawi has. Take the wisdom of the elders and mix it with the youthful energy, clear thinking, vision and hunger for change; to effect the changes Malawians would like to see.

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