Malawian women don’t compliment men – Tay Grin

Musician Tay Grin has claimed that women in Malawi do not compliment a man’s looks, no matter how handsome a man is.

The musician said this on Instagram a few days ago.

He however jokingly observed that Malawian girls like to form opinions about a man based on his looks.

Tay Grin: Malawian girls will never tell you that you are handsome.

“Malawian girls will never tell you that you are handsome. Basi amvekere, nkhope yakoyi wayenera kukhala okonda akazi iwe (They would only say, ‘your face shows that you are a womaniser’),” said Tay Grin whose real name is Limbani Kalirani.

Commenting on the post, Malawians advised Tay Grin to be posting positive things about Malawi saying the post would put Malawians in bad light.

Some commenters however defended the star and observed that the post was meant to be a joke which should not be taken seriously.


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  1. Naga amuna achi Malawi amatha kuyamikira akazi?May be as anation we need to look at ourselves and improve in many ways

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