CSOs issue April 27 demo reminder


CSOs to hold peaceful demonstrations on April 27, 2018 .

Civil Society Organisations (CSOs) in Malawi have reaffirmed plans to hold the April 27, 2018 nationwide demonstrations meant to protest against the MK4 billion scam.

The scandal is about scrupulous payments made in Parliament to lawmakers who shot down the electoral reforms bills core of which was the 50+1 threshold voting system.

According to a statement the CSOs issued on Monday reminding the authorities in Lilongwe, the vigils are meant to be peaceful.

They will also take place across cities of Zomba, Blantyre and Mzuzu as well as Karonga district.

“We write to notify your office about the planned demonstrations in line with section 96(1) of the Police Act (2010) which requires the conveners of the demonstrations or protests to give notice of not less than forty eight hours. These demonstrations are in protest of the K4 Billion scam and the general decay of the state of governance in Malawi,” reads the statement in part.

The CSOs had earlier said they want Finance Minister Goodall Gondwe and Local Government Minister Kondwani Nankhumwa to step down for their towering role in the scandal.

Gondwe has since denied any wrongdoing and in a hearing with the CSOs he indicated point blank he was not going to resign.

The current regime is being accused of stifling the functionalities of Parliament by moving to bribe the lawmakers.



  1. Poor CSOs whom did you consult to give you a node of Demos, apart from your fellow narrow minded politicians? ?? Come to villages and hear our voice. Mbuzi Ntambo, Mbuzi Trapenze

  2. Ine ndikuthokoza boma la DPP chifukwa chopangisa kuti zinthu zisamakwere mtengo pafupipafupi. Ndikupempha boma litsitseko msonkho wa PAYE chifukwa timaperekanso VAT tikamagula katundu wina. Kapena aganizire athu a pantchito kuti asamapereke VAT (exemption). inu a CSO pitani ku nsewu kwanuko muzikayenda ine ayi. Kanyimbi alibe mbali.

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