APAM condemns involvement of police in killing of person with albinism

Albinism in Malawi

Association of Persons with Albinism in Malawi (APAM) has described the involvement of a police officer in the killing of a person with albinism as shameful and devastating.

Speaking following the the arrest of a police officer over the murder of MacDonald Masambuka , APAM president Overstone Kondowe said it is very sad to learn that some of the suspects are public officers.

Albinism in Malawi
Kondowe: It is sad.(Disability Focus)

“The very same people entrusted with the duty of protecting us and providing us with medical care. This is very shameful and devastating,” Kondowe said.

Masambuka, 22, who was reported missing over a month ago was confirmed dead in Machinga district after his remains were found on March 31.

Deputy national police spokesperson Thomeck Nyaude said they have arrested a fellow police officer and he is being investigated.
Police have also arrested five other suspects including a medical officer in connection to the killing.

Reacting to the arrest, Kondowe said Masambuka’s case has revealed that the network of criminals involved in these murders is highly organised and sophisticated than previously thought.

He said it is clear that the people who are involved in the barbaric acts are not poor or powerless people.

“This is a fourth case implicating law enforcing officer and second for a medical officer in Malawi alone since 2014,” he explained.

He then demanded government of Malawi to stop lip service and intervene to end the criminality once and for all noting that continuation of these cases is a clear demonstration of leadership and security failure.

Kondowe also condoled Masambuka family for the loss of their relative and asked for justice on the case.

“It is APAM’s prayer that everyone who has played a role in the horrible act should face the law,” he said.


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