We have the largest following – MCP


Despite failing to win any of the five presidential elections since 1994, Malawi Congress Party (MCP)  has claimed that it is the party with the largest following in Malawi.

In a statement released on Thursday, the party said it has more supporters than its main competitors and its popularity is exponentially  growing ahead of the 2019 elections.

Lazarus Chakwera.
Chakwera MCP will boot out this ineffective govt.

MCP in the statement also called itself a party in waiting, saying it is preoccupied  with canvassing support  in order to wrestle power from the ruling Democratic Progressive  Party (DPP).

“We hereby assure Malawians  that come 2019, we shall  together hold hands to boot out this ineffective government and replace it with a government that shall uplift their lives and ensures that this country realises its potential,” says the statement released by the office of MCP president Lazarus Chakwera.

Meanwhile, the party  has called on its supporters  to exercise restraint as they are waiting to know if the party’s convention will be held next month as planned.

This follows the High Court’s decision to delay its ruling on an injunction obtained by MCP vice president Richard Msowoya and others which stops the party from holding the convention.

Chakwera in the Thursday statement said the  party’s lawyers are working hard to make sure the legal hurdle is removed hence the MCP supporters should be patient.

“This is a necessary process we must go through if we are to build a strong foundation for a party on course to winning the general elections next year,” he said.



  1. There’s need for deep introspection MCP otherwise the party will be a de facto opposition. Unless you truly change the composition of leadership and inject young and vibrant leadership at the elective conference, you’ll lose again come May 2019.

  2. Large following? Popular yes, everyone knows Malawi Congress Party BUT winning elections I’m not sure cos this is the same scenario with Late Gwanda Chakuamba may his soul rest in peace. It was the same song that I’m going to Sanjika up to the extent of saying that if that fails ndilowa Mtchire but it didn’t come to pass. So large following or cloud pulling in rallies doesn’t necessarily translate into winning elections. Chakuamba had MPs in the Southern Region but he didn’t go to Sanjika. DPP has completely failed Malawians but I don’t see MCP wrestle power from them. Look at the internal problems MCP are facing at the moment, though some news outlets are trying to downplay it but it’s a serious challenge for MCP especially this time around when people are going for elections.

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