Kachaje takes swipe at Mutharika


Economist Henry Kachaje has taken a swipe at President Peter Mutharika for officially opening old post offices.

Mutharika yesterday opened the Mlambe one Stop Service Centre in Mangochi where a person can find services offered by Immigration Department, the office of the Registrar General, Road Traffic Directorate, and Malawi Revenue Authority under one roof.

Economist Henry Kachaje

To create the centre, government rehabilitated the existing Mangochi Post Office building and increased the number of services offered. It was also the same strategy used to create the Mlambe Centre in Lilongwe.

In a Facebook post on Thursday, Kachaje appeared to trash the reforms saying government is just repainting old buildings.

“I like the strategy: Just paint an existing Post Office building, have a few government departments operate from it, call it Reforms, and officially open it! #Pasavute,” said Kachaje in a Facebook post,” he said.

The post attracted mixed views from people with some concurring with Kachaje saying organising events to open old Post Office buildings is a waste of resources.

However, other commenters accused Kachaje of being too critical and jealous of developments under the current administration saying the centre will benefit Malawians and it represents good development. They also noted that the word reforms indicates that new services can be introduced in an existing office.




  1. But does it need the whole President to preside over opening of a building which was already there and has just been repainted. What kind of thinking is this. Do you know how much money this clueless leadership has spent for travel.

  2. Whilst the concept is laudable, the building in which the services are being offered is just damn ugly and uninspiring. Its like we have gone back in time. This is 2qst century and we need to see modern and futuristic buildings especially if we are talking of a One Stop Centre. Mr President, just Google what yiur colleague is doo g in Rwanda and you’ll understand what we are talking. Rwanda centres are not even opened or launched by Kagame. Please do better than this. I totally understand where Kachaje is coming from,

  3. A Kachanje amagutsutsa zili zonse, kodi iwowa ndi olemera kwambiri eti? kapena zomwe amanenazo eni akewo samapanga practice.

  4. But really what is new here? the whole president opening trivial projects like this one? What is really unique about putting government departments together? And you shamelessly write “Reforms” This is why Malawi is in the sorry state where its people are yet to be liberated from economic, social and intellectual poverty. We need a Malawi that will realise the real difference. If Mutharika is serious, let him inaugurate Nsanje port. Let us go there and offload on cargo ship….. You cheat people with fake “One Stop Service Centre” really? Is it what we should be discussing in 2018? Really? Malawians we deserve something better!

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