Farmers warned against selling tobacco to vendors


The Tobacco Control Commission (TCC) has urged farmers in the country to avoid selling their tobacco to illegal buyers.

Executive director for TCC Kaisi Sadala made the remarks ahead of the opening of the 2018 tobacco marketing season.

Farmers urged to avoid selling their tobacco to illegal buyers.(File)

Kaisi said the farmers are supposed to sell their tobacco to auction markets.

He made it clear that farmers who sell their tobacco to vendors will make less money than farmers who sell at the auction floors which is a licensed market.

Sadala asked the farmers to open their eyes and see where they are going and how to reach there.

He then revealed that TCC is expecting a good marketing season this year but he reminded farmers that it is good quality crop that attracts good prices.

The tobacco auction is expected to officially open on 9th April in Lilongwe and 11th April in Kasungu.

In Blantyre the market will be opened on 16 April while in Mzuzu it will commence on April 23.