Father in for raping two daughters


Police in Machinga district are keeping in custody a 39 year old man for raping his two biological daughters aged 15 and 11.

According to Machinga police publicist Constable Davie Sulumba, the suspect has been identified as Manifred Kajejula.

Rape MalawiSulumba said the suspect married the victims’ mother in the year 2000 and the two were blessed with four children including the victims.

In 2013, the suspect left Malawi for Mozambique in search for greener pastures.

He came back to Malawi in 2016 and took his four children to Mozambique leaving their mother behind.

Whilst in Mozambique, he started raping the two girls. After the abuse was revealed, the suspect was apprehended by the community and was surrendered to Mozambican police.

However, the suspect was later released by Mozambican Police and after his release he went into hiding.

This made the Mozambican Police and the community to send the children back to Malawi through Nayuchi Police.

Upon arriving home, the victims told their mother that their father had been raping them since 2016.

The woman reported the matter to Ntaja Police where the two girls were issued with medical report forms for medical examination and treatment.

Tests from Ntaja Health Centre proved that the victims were really defiled.

On March 18, 2018, the suspect showed up in Malawi and was arrested by Ntaja Police.

He has since been charged with the offence of incest which is contrary to section 157 of the Penal code.

He is expected to appear before court upon completion of the investigations.

Kajejula hails from Chitotsi Village, Traditional Authority Kawinga in Machinga district