Malawians urged to plant Moringa trees


Hunger Project Malawi has urged Malawians to plant Moringa trees to reduce malnutrition.

This is according to Hunger Project Malawi Board Member Mandala Mambulasa who was speaking last week during the launch of Moringa tree planting at Nchalo in Chikwawa.


Malawians asked to plant Moringa trees.

Mambulasa called on all Malawians to ensure they plant such trees in their homes for the country to achieve maximum nutrition status since the leaves of the tree are nutritious.

He said the tree is thriving in most places which is supposed to be an opportunity to have it planted extensively for its nutritional benefits.

“When we visited one of our partners planting Moringa trees, we noted that the trees are just perfect. She (the partner) is able to sell and use the money for her own benefit. And some seedlings are passed on to some members of the community so that, they too, can benefit from Moringa project.

“The project is quite significant as you know there are a number of benefits that can be derived from the tree like the micronutrients such as vitamins and proteins but it also boosts immunity,” Mambulasa said.

He added that if people enhanced their intake of Moringa, they would live a healthy and strong life which would likely reflect on one’s contribution towards national development.

Mambulasa, therefore, urged communities around Nchalo and the country as a whole to plant Moringa on a large scale so as to save the nation from incidences of malnutrition.