Malawi Police brings back 997

Malawi Police riot vehicle

The Malawi Police Service (MPS) has brought back 997 and 990 rapid response services.

This is according to deputy national police spokesperson, Thomeck Nyaude, who confirmed the return of the services.

Nyaude said 997 and 990 services were suspended following some hiccups which they encountered which include transportation as many police vehicles were no longer functional.

Malawi Police riot vehicle
997 is back. (Library Photo)

He further said there were technical problems with mobile service providers Airtel and TNM.

However, Nyaude said all these problems have been fixed and people can now start calling 997 for help.

He assured all Malawians not to hesitate whenever they need 997 services saying this time the rapid response service has been improvised and is more reliable than before.

Nyaude then hailed the coming back of the service and hoped that it will help in reducing criminal cases which have been on the rise.

In this rapid response service, people in the country can call the toll free numbers 997 or 990 whenever they encounter a problem which requires police support.


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