M’mbelwa warns farmers against selling farm produce

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Inkosi M’mbelwa V of Ngoni People has called on farmers in Mzimba not to sell their farm produce to vendors.

The Ngoni leader made the sentiments on Friday during a field visit to various lead farmers in Mzimba South in areas such as Kamteteka and Mjinge which are under Sustainable Agricultural Lead Farmers Project (SALFP).

Inkosi M’mbelwa V
Inkosi M’mbelwa V has asked farmers not to sell their farm produce.

Speaking at the function, Inkosi M’mbelwa V advised farmers not to sell their harvest so as to avoid being affected by the hunger that is expected to hit the country.

Commenting on SALFP project being implemented in his area, Inkosi M’mbelwa said the project has helped farmers a lot in mitigating effects of climate change for it has greatly enhanced bumper harvest amongst various lead farmers.

“The SALFP project is a good project that will make farmers in Mzimba South to have a good harvest, for these farmers were well taught in various new farming practices and on how best they can contain the climate change effects,” said M’mbelwa.

He then promised to fight tooth and nail to make sure that the project should not be abandoned once donors have ceased funding it, so that it should benefit a lot of farmers in Mzimba district.

In his remarks, Mzimba South District Agricultural Officer Palichi Munyenyembe called on lead farmers in the area to transfer skills and knowledge they have accumulated from the project to their followers so that others should also benefit.

Munyenyembe also lauded the project saying it is bearing the desirable positive outcome in Mzimba South.

Chairperson of Mjinge EPA in Mzimba South expressed her happiness towards the SALFP project being implemented in her area saying the project has greatly enhanced them to have a bumper harvest this year.

“In past years we used to have poor harvest for we lacked the skills and  bearing into mind the fact that most of the soils we use these days have lost fertility, so with the coming in of SALFP we are anticipating a season of plenty,” said  E.P.A chairperson.

She then vowed to help pass-on the skills and knowledge they have acquired for others in the area to also benefit and contain the issue of climate change.

The sustainable Agriculture Lead Farmers Project (SALFP) is a project that is enhancing smallholder farmer’s resilience against climate change impact through climate smart agriculture.

This project is being implemented in 11 E.P.A’s and 2 sub E.P.A’s in Mzimba South District and it is targeting 144, 850 families with funds from Development Fund of Norway.



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