Watchmen equipped with security skills


As one way of reducing robberies in the district, Mangochi Police conducted a meeting with watchmen within the town.

Mangochi police deputy spokesperson Amina Saudi told Malawi24 that the meeting took place on Tuesday and 85 watchmen from various security companies, organisations, government offices and shops attended.

Chikhungu addressing the guards.

During the meeting, Mangochi Police officer in-charge George Chikhungu pitched into issues of prevention measures, communication skills and tools and equipment in security with an aim of shaping the guards into vigilant and effective security personnel.

According to Chikhungu, the watchmen were encouraged to report matters in time, not to conceal information to the Police, not to leave their posts unattended and to avoid sleeping on duty.

“According to our data, from January this year up to date we have registered seven cases of robberies and breakings whereby a watchman lost his life in one of the scenarios. As a watchman your first priority is to protect your own life. I urge you to be always vigilant and stop the tendency of guarding several shops at once because you are putting your own life at risk. In addition, you should always make sure to rest after knocking off in order to prepare yourself for the next session of duty,” said Chikhungu.

The watchmen asked the police to conduct a similar meeting with their employers in order to impart them with the knowledge to ensure a balanced and continued flow of security management skills between the two parties.

In response, the station has scheduled another meeting to be held soon.