Spy machine working in Malawi – MACRA


The Malawi Communications and Regulatory Authority (MACRA) has disclosed that the Consolidated ICT Regulatory Management Systems popularly known as spy machine is currently working in the country.

The spy machine has for two times been challenged in a court of law with injunctions but in the end MACRA won.

Speaking during a Dowa District sensitization meeting of heads of sectors on Mandatory Sim card registration held at the boma, MACRA’s Broadcasting Technical Manager Zadziko Mankhambo said the Consolidated ICT Regulatory Management System is used to measure and monitor quality assurances and services which are being provided to all Malawians in the country.

“A report on how the spy machine is performing is likely to be issued at the end of this month of March, 2018 and this will give a clear picture of taxes, charges, how many services have been generated and how many subscribers are there in Malawi,” he said.

The manager dismissed fears as raised by some people that the spy machine will be used for spying individual prominent Malawians saying Malawi is not ready and advanced as USA where citizens are monitored.

On Sim registration, Mankhambo admitted that some people had misconceptions such as claims that registration by MACRA was with a hidden agenda, that government wants to make money out of the exercise and that payment was required for registration.

Speaking at the function, Malawi Human Rights Consultative Committee (MHRCC) chairperson Robert Mkwezalamba said the mandatory Sim card registration will not be used to rig the 2019 elections adding that it is only providing security and increase in growth of the economy.

Mkwezalamba said out of 54 countries in Africa which have already implemented Sim card registration, Malawi is in the last four.

In his remarks, Dowa District Commissioner, Alex Mdooko admitted that DCs and District executive council committee members have for years been duped of their money due to absence of Sim card registration.

Mdooko appealed to the sector heads to take away fear of unknown for Sim card registration exercise for the various misconceptions levelled against the process.

He asked leaders in the district to be in the forefront registering so that they can pass messages to communities in the remotest areas of the district on the benefits of the Sim card registration.