Lulu wins Malawi24’s song of the week accolade


Good music warrants rewards of different degrees, that is why Malawi24 is pleased to be recognizing a hot local song every week.

Lilongwe based singer cum producer Lulu is the main character. His efforts in 2018, gets down to a happy ending this week.


In summary, Lulu is the musician and Sendera is the song. The track which has earned him this prestigious weekly honour was released on 9th February. As per Lulu`s tradition, it features the voices of Mathumela band on backing vocals.

Following a thorough assessment of the songs which are currently enjoying airplay, Sendera has come top.

It is one thrilling tune that stems from a priceless recipe which comprises of the sweet guitar sound, drums and above all the angelic vocals of Lulu.

In brief, Sendera encourages men to appreciate their love partners, or else others will go ahead of them and do so.

“Ngati unagomera khalidwe ukambe/ngati unagomera kuseka ukambe/ngati unagomera kuvala ukambe/anakupha mtima ndi ka sitepe ukambe/nde poti iwe sumuuza/amuuza ena ayesa ndi chikondi (if you fell for her because of her behavior, smile, dressing, the way she walks, tell her otherwise when others tell her she will think they love her.)

The song has been enjoying airplay in both audio and visual while recording thousands of downloads locally. Since its release, it has been the main subject to the ear from the youth and the elderly community, rural and urban dwellers in Malawi.

The Lilongwe based singer is standing on top of the world with the work which has been described by others as classic in nature. As to how far true that is, only the tick of the clock will tell.

As this publication continues appreciating the home industry, follow this segment every Wednesday for song of the week.