April 27 set for national wide demos in Malawi


…call for Goodall, Nankhumwa firing

CSOs to lead vigils against govt.

Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) have announced they will lead vigils against government over the infamous K4 billion scandal.

The demos come amid reports of government’s plot to give K4 billion of tax payers money to about 84 lawmakers who shot down the electoral reforms bill in Parliament whose core issue centred on the 50+1 threshold system.

According the the CSOs the demos will take place on 27th April 2018 and they are also meant to express discontent with ‘other governance issues.’

Civil Society Organisations and human rights defenders would like to announce 27th April 2018 as the day when all concerned and patriotic Malawians of goodwill will convene across the country including the cities of Mzuzu, Lilongwe, Blantyre, and Zomba to publicly register their discontent on how the DPP-led government has handled the K4 Billion scandal and other governance issues through demonstrations.

The decision to proceed with the demonstrations follows the inconsistencies, illegality and a cloud of suspicions that has characterised the entire process of the infamous K4 Billion scandal in the process raising serious governance and accountability questions such as: Should the public still trust a “crooked and thieving” government? Should Malawians continue to be taken for granted? Is the tax payers’ money safe in the hands of “a crooked and thieving” government?”reads the statement in depict.

It adds: ” It is against this background, and of course, the continued impunity of the Malawi Communications and Regulatory Authority (MACRA) and the Malawi Broadcasting Corporation (MBC); the betrayal of public trust through a politically and corruption infiltrated systematic rejection of electoral reforms; the continued electricity blackouts, the continued poor service delivery in public institutions, the poor conditions of service for public servants and the high youth unemployment levels to mention but a few that we announce these nationwide.”

The CSOs are also baying for the firing and investigation of Finance Minister Goodall Gondwe and Local Government Minister Kondwani Nankhumwa.

“The two must, besides, be investigated by the Malawi’s Anti-Corruption Bureau (ACB) in relation to the allegations that the initial criteria for disbursing the K4 Billion funds to 86 constituencies was based on rewarding those who rejected the electoral reforms including 50%+1 electoral system for electing the President. The disbursement of the K4 Billion “suspicious funds” be completely cancelled with immediate effect as such funding is illegal and not in the best interest of Malawians.

The Anti-Corruption Bureau (ACB) should urgently and seriously investigate allegations of state-sponsored corruption where government is alleged to have bribed some members of Parliament from the Opposition side of Parliament to frustrate the electoral reforms Bill through rejection, abstaining or absenteeism.

Allegations of some Members of Parliament from the Opposition having pocketed from the President during their alleged meeting with him to frustrate the electoral reforms should also be investigated with utmost urgency as they have the potential to further erode the already dwindling public trust in government.

ACB should also investigate the alleged link between the rejection electoral reforms and the K4 Billion scandal as indicated above. Government must flee the Malawi Broadcasting Corporation (MBC) as a matter of urgency.”

The representation of the CSOs include the Centre for Human Rights Rehabilitation ( CHRR), the Human Rights Defenders Forum Chair among many others.



  1. This is nonsense and it will yield nothing,Malawis problems began in 1994,when we accepted UDF led government to privatised the government owned companies(statutory bodies) to individuals including politicians and rich people who had connections with the government,thereby making every one silent seeing and saying nothing,now the ship is on the of sinking someone is trying to drive it ashore to rescue it,you’re coming with demos hiding behind common Malawian who is ignorant of what you are saying,why as patriots find aplat form to address this issues with those involved,and help them what you think are the best and right procedures for getting solutions to all our problems.Remember we are all affected and will be affected.Think now and again before your intended plans.I can smell that you brought it here on the social media,you want to get other people’s interest so you enrich yourself with the bribe the accused will promise you when you accepted not to match.