TCC concerned over non-tobacco materials

Malawi Tobacco

The Tobacco Control Commission (TCC) has expressed concern over increase of non-tobacco related materials that are found in tobacco.

This has been stated in a press statement which the commission released recently.

TCC noted that despite meetings with farmers on the issue, some are still including non-tobacco related materials in tobacco bales.

Malawi Tobacco
TCC worried over non-tobacco related materials in tobacco bales.(File)

The statement added that the act is worrisome since it is greatly affecting tobacco marketing at large.

Farmers were also asked to avoid selling tobacco to illlegal buyers as section 10 sub section 1(a) and (d) of the Tobacco Act prohibits anyone from buying tobacco without a valid licence since this reduces the farmers’ chances of benefiting from their business.

The statement said farmers in the country should collaborate with the commission in promoting tobacco for business in the country.

In the statement, the commission also condemned the issue of importing and exporting unverified seeds.

The commission warned farmers who use unacceptable seeds that they will be guilty of an offence.