Malawians abroad asked to market Malawi

Emmanuel Fabiano

Malawians who are living abroad have been asked to market Malawi in the countries they are living in.

The sentiments were made by Minister of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation Dr Emmanuel Fabiano on Saturday when he was interacting with Malawians who were registering as Malawian citizens in Ethiopia.

Emmanuel Fabiano
Fabiano speaking to Malawians in Ethiopia.

Fabiano asked Malawians to help government in marketing the country saying government is building infrastructure that will attract tourism investment.

On the issue of dual citizenship, the minister said Malawi will never be silent on the matter until it is resolved but he emphasised the need for the diaspora to learn from other countries like Ethiopia where the diaspora contributes to the development of their country in the absence of dual citizenship.

The minister also informed the gathering that the diaspora’s engagement is bearing fruits as the Reserve Bank of Malawi has reported an increase in remittances from Malawians living abroad.

On energy, Fabiano indicated that there is a lot being done by the Government of Malawi to address energy deficits. He quickly mentioned that there are ongoing negotiations to source power from private operators abroad.