Song Review: Boombastic featuring Beenie Man, Tay Grin, Zani Challe, Buffalo Souljah

Tay Grin-Chipapa

Almost two weeks have elapsed since the Malawian duo of Tay Grin and Zani Challe found themselves in the company of top billed artists in the name of music.

The motherland has been privileged to have two of its fine crops in the music arena, featured on an international music collaboration. In fact it is the only country that has contributed two artists in the project.

Zani Challe
Zani Challe; has been featured on Boombastic together with Tay Grin

Boombastic is a song by South African top notch hip hop artist Da L.E.S. Besides the son and daughter of Malawi, it also has the input of Jamaican legendary dancehall artist Beenie Man and Zimbabwe`s award winning musician Buffalo Souljah who also masters dancehall.

The track was fully baked and there is no doubt about that, what would you expect from artists of that calibre? The instrumentation, vocals combination and mixing are all on point. One can tell that the collaborating stars were all hands on deck during the studio session that gave birth to Boombastic.

The Jamaican sets the ball rolling like a true legend in as far as delivery is concerned. His level of confidence on the mic speaks a lot of positive volumes about his talent. Da L.E.S was clever enough to trust him with the chorus.

However, he overshadows the rest with his skilful delivery which is in a Jamaican style. He is the only musician who portrays his sense of originality as he sings. Listening to the song, one would think it’s another teamwork involving four Jamaican musicians and one American musician.

The owner of the song, a South African, sounds so American while the pride of Malawi and Zimbabwe`s dancehall king sound Jamaican. Being from the home of dancehall, Beenie Man has proved that dancehall is the genre he was born to do.

In this regard, the four African musicians have scored a zero on originality while the Jamaican a 100%. Putting aside this issue, the track is just perfect in the way that every artist gave it maximum effort. This is evidenced by every artist going on track, delivering in tandem with the concept.

Rating the song out of 10, it gets a handsome 8.



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