Muyaba risks getting fired from Malawi Army

Khuda Muyaba

Moyale Barracks striker Khuda Muyaba faces dismissal from the Malawi Defence Force (MDF) for being absent without leave.

The player could be fired for not reporting for duties at the barracks in Mzuzu for the past three weeks.

Khuda Muyaba
Muyaba could be fired for not reporting for duties.

According to a source, MDF rules states that any soldier who does not report for duties for no reason for 21 days is absent without leave and faces dismissal.

Reports show that Muyaba is in Lilongwe where he has been training with Kamuzu Barracks.

He however did not get permission to join the Lilongwe based soldiers hence being declared absent without leave.

Yesterday marked 21 days since Muyaba left his post in Mzuzu but top officials from the club said it is too early to comment on the issue. The player could not be reached for comment.





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