Mutilated girl’s mother jailed


The Makande Magistrate’s court in Chikwawa has sentenced Maureen Dick to two years imprisonment with hard labour for failing to protect her 5 year old daughter whose private parts got mutilated by thugs.

Dick, 24, was on Wednesday found guilty of failing to protect a child from exposure to physical and moral hazards.

The offence is contrary to Section 3 sub Section b(1) of the Child Care and Justice Act.

The court heard, through Police Prosecutor Martin Thulu, that Dick, on the evening of 28 February, went out hunting for locusts, leaving behind her two young children.

“She didn’t return home until the following morning when she proceeded to the market at Miseu Folo to sell her catch,” Thulu told the court.

The prosecutor added that the convict, on her way back from the market decided to play a game of chance before heading home later in the evening.

“When she arrived home, the convict didn’t take long and returned to her hunting expedition.”

After the night long hunting, the woman decided to join fellow gamblers before connecting again to the market.

“While at the market, the accused mother got informed that her 5-year-old daughter had been found dead behind Goma Catholic Primary School and had had her private parts mutilated,” Prosecutor Thulu further narrated.

The prosecutor asked the court to impose a stiff sentence considering that the life of an innocent child got lost due to the mother’s neglect that arose from the trivial things.

Passing sentence, Second Grade Magistrate Chiyembekezo Phiri concurred with the state, lamenting over the convict’s inhumane behaviour.

The magistrate went on to sentence the convict to 2 years imprisonment, saying it would serve as a warning to would-be offenders.

Dick hails from Juliana Village in the area of Traditional Authority N’gabu in Chikwawa District.



  1. Oweruzanu muziganiza, munthu modzi kulimba ndi gulu chonsecho wa nkazinso ndi Nkhani izi. Nkhuku singalimbane ndi galu ndichachidziwikere nkhukuyo ifapo, mumafuna akhale malilo awiri. Mutulutseni!!

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