Police arrest Apostle Ziba

Pastor Joseph Ziba

Police on Wednesday arrested Apostle Joseph Ziba for evading duty.

Ziba who is founder of Fountain of Victory International Ministries was nabbed for failing to pay K26 milion duty on his Range Rover.

The police also arrested businessman Tayub Aziz who sold Ziba the vehicle.

Pastor Joseph Ziba
Pastor Ziba arrested

According to reports, Malawi Revenue Authority (MRA) earlier seized the vehicle when it was owned by Tayub.

But when the revenue collector released the vehicle to Tayub after an injunction the businesman obtained, Tayub sold the car to Ziba.

This forced the revenue collector to obtain a warrant of arrest against the pastor and the businessman.

Pastor Ziba has since been charged with being found in possession of goods which are subject to customs control



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