Nyasa completes Bullets takeover

Big Bullets

Nyasa Manufacturing Company has today finalised the takeover of Big Bullets football club following the signing of a memorandum of understanding (MOU) between the company and the club.

This comes after months of uncertainty over signing of the MoU between Nyasa Manufacturing and Big Bullets.

Haiya: I am so grateful.

Speaking at the ceremony which was witnessed by Bullets diehards, the club’s Chief Executive Officer Fleetwood Haiya said they are grateful that the process has been completed since there were issues that could have scuppered the deal.

The CEO assured Bullets fans that the company will fulfil the promises it has made in the agreement.

“I am so grateful that today we have come to an end of the journey which started way back concerning Big Bullets football club commercialization.

“I have been sent by the company to assure all Bullets fans as well as Malawian football lovers that as an investor, Nyasa will not in any way or the other break any agreement listed in the MoU. The company will fulfil all the agreements,” said Haiya.

He then refuted claims that previous Bullets officials benefited from the commercialization process.

“I can confirm to you that there wasn’t that theft as people claimed. The club has been sold at K1 and no one has benefited it’s only the team since the K1 price means that Nyasa will pay all the debts which the club had. So I can assure the nation that there is no official who has pocketed even a single coin,” added Haiya.

Some of the agreements in the MoU are that the company will allow other interested parties to invest in the club, will construct a 20 000 seater stadium and will build one club house in each of Malawi’s regions in three years.



  1. Conditions Are 2much Hw Can U Espect 5yrs Nyasa Company Should Buy A Bus, Pay All Outstanding Dept, Stadium, Etc & They Should Not Change Colous R U Serious What Does Ownership Mean.Ngati Boma Limalephera Kumanga Stadium Pa Zaka 5. I Think U Didn’t Want The Team 2go Koma Yikhale Mmanja Mwanu Mziyibera, Amalawi Dziko Silingapite Pasogolo Ndi Mtima Wokhomelerana

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