Malawian musicians should invest or remain social media celebrities


In a country like Malawi where music hardly guarantees one a fortune, many musicians are blind to the business part of the art.

But local musicians must bear in mind that music is a big business and not a free time hobby that requires minimal efforts.

Tay Grin

Artists should prioritize pumping money realized from the art into a business ventures.

A musician with a sound financial base is likely to grow than someone who is dependent on a promoter. Good music demands hefty financial resources for a fact, which a promoter may not be able to provide.

Money is not only needed to produce good music but also for managing one`s image as a musician. There should be noticeable differences between musicians and commoners, for the former are symbols of the country`s rich culture.

Malawi has been lagging behind in as far as exporting the home culture through music is concerned. It is therefore every Malawian`s wish to have potential flag bearers who projects a good image of the nation to the outside world.

The celebrity lifestyle should be musicians` tradition and that is not cheap. Artists should dress well, in a way that they can motivate the young blood that aspires to join the industry one day.

An important thing musicians must also understand is that patience is a virtue they should not fall short of if they are to grow. They should not rush to acquire expensive fancy things if their bank accounts are not ripe enough.

Renowned American legendary stars like Jay Z, Diddy Dirty Money, and Dr Dre among others, are into business. They never got where they are today overnight but they were patient enough and now they are reaping from their investments with Jay Z net worth projected in billions.

Malawian musicians should emulate the legendary Lucius Banda, and Tay Grin whose investments rewards them handsomely. It is easy for these giants to record with Tanzania`s Diamond Platinumz than it is for most top home based musicians. As Most local musicians are Facebook celebrities without any valuable investments about in reality.

The home music industry can be of economic importance to the country if musicians target financial growth.



  1. Ngati pali achibale ena ku Blantyre anayamba kuyimba kalekale kutchuka chitchukileni koma akukhala ku rent shame on them

  2. Let them be complete serab couz they r blind..they don’t know that music iz wealthy they only know kugula timakabudula azikwefula kwinako timatrauzer tonyosoka at shagha….!

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